Solar & Storage Workshop
Jan 19 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Do you have a backup source of energy if your power goes out? Have you been seeing your friends and neighbors going solar? Well, this is the workshop for you!! SunCommon now offers Home Energy Storage the ability to store your solar power for back-up during outages. When storms hit and the power goes out, your solar and battery work together to keep the essentials of your home running. No more filling the bathtub with water, no more worrying about your pipes freezing or needing to get to a hotel as the temperatures drop. Homes with solar and storage enjoy the reliability of backup power and support a more reliable and efficient grid for their community Come hear about the latest technology in solar and battery storage combinations for homes and businesses! SunCommon’s Community Partnership Organizer Erin Rocheleau will be going over the new options for homeowners in Vermont, and clueing folks into the latest technology of the Tesla Powerwall 2.0.

Nerf Games @ St. Albans City Hall
Jan 23 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Nerf Games are back – for young players, from grade 2 through 8, to be able to participate in a fun team building environment with specific objectives to build skills such as strategic thinking, respect, honesty, relationship building, helping, sharing, etc in a fun game environment. Players are split on two teams and based on the game type they are asked to then work together to complete the objective of the game with their team. Roles can be formed to accomplish each of the objectives and referee’s are there during these games to help facilitate honesty and to make sure everyone is playing by the rules of the game.

Each session will be independent of each other. Sign up for one or all of them depending on what works for you. We have tried to do different days of the week to see what works best for people. Please note that some weeks are themed (Jersey night, Halloween night) if your kid chooses we encourage them to dress with the theme but it is not required.
Participants please bring:
– Nerf Blaster (if you have one, if not we have some to provide)
– Sneakers to change into and out of snowy dirty boots
We will provide:
– Darts
– Eye Protection
– Fun

Themed Nights
10/30 Halloween edition – Kids can wear any Halloween costume they want.
11/14 Special Forces edition – Kids wear camo clothing and any Army, Military, hunting gear they choose.
12/10 – Jersey Night – Kids wear their favorite sports team shirt or jersey.
1/10 – Fortnite Edition – Kids can dress up as Fortnite players, bring their favorite dance. Shield potion and slurp juice will be available.
1/23 – Superhero Edition – Kids dress up as their favorite superhero or wear superhero themed clothing.

PTC’s Parent University Seminar
Jan 30 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Do you love your kids?

Parents say that they love their kids; they are the most important thing in their lives, no matter what. We agree. That’s why we are hosting this seminar. In Parent University you will take the first step in affecting your child’s life in a way you never dreamed possible. Raising a child in today’s environment could not be more challenging. More than ever before kids are consuming more information, from more sources (and not just digitally), without oversight. As the parent, are you prepared? Are you informed? Are you implementing the best practices to combat these issues? Come invest an evening in learning about the biggest mistakes well-meaning parents are unknowingly making in their children’s lives TODAY! Join two of the country’s leading experts on child psychology, reasoning and activity:

Tom Murphy & Jason Spector. This team of Superheroes have presented to over 1 million students and parents from Maine to Hawaii to Canada with their Sweethearts and Heroes anti-bullying organization.

Franklin Grand Isle Business Peer Exchange
Jan 31 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am

An open conversation and introductory breakfast, hosted by Monica Greene of Vermont Precision Tools. The issues addressed will focus on gender roles in workplaces, resources and tools to retain, recruit and promote women in the workplace, address topics such as wage gap, best practices in cultivating and supporting equality and creating an inclusive and respectful workplace environment. Sponsored by Vermont Works for Women and Change the Story.

In Good Taste
Feb 1 @ 4:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Join us to sample creative culinary delights, handcrafted beer, wine and delicious spirits. Vendors will be selling their goods. All attendees will receive a handy, re-usable shopping bag for purchases.

Presented by: City of St. Albans; Healthy Roots Collaborative, Franklin County Industrial Development Corporation; Northwest Regional Planning Commission;

Franklin County Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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