A Coworking Space Could Be Coming to Downtown St. Albans

Downtown St. Albans has come a long way in recent years, our cityscapes have modernized our community to attract new visitors and citizens.

You may have heard that the city has been looking at new and innovative ways to keep the momentum and challenge the status quo. And, maybe you haven’t heard yet, so we’re going to tell you here!

Diverse Group Working

What Do You Think of When You Hear the Term “Coworking Space”?

Are you envisioning a group of millennial’s sitting in an open space, talking casually amongst each other? That is what a lot of people think when they hear this term. Let’s shift that vision.

Imagine professionals of all ages, entrepreneurs, employees, students who are in the same space doing their work. The background noise offers the ambiance to keep the creative juices flowing, and the networking opportunities abound. The technology is top-notch, the services and equipment provided make it easier for folks to do their job at the best of their ability.

In these spaces, we can collaborate and learn from each other by sharing ideas or services. Maybe you’ll find that what you have to offer someone else might need, or someone encourages you to think just outside of your comfort zone. Isn’t that when we learn when we see it from a different point of view?

The area could transform into everything this community needs to facilitate economic growth. If the demand is there, this space could also be home to yoga classes, healthy living sessions, personal and professional development programs, the list is endless. What kind of ideas do you have in mind for a coworking space?

Tell Us What You Need in a Coworking Space in this Survey

Former Mayor of St. Albans, and now Creative Economy Liaison, Liz Gamache is taking the lead on this project. She’s talking with other Vermont communities about the look and feel of their community working spaces, asking them what has worked well, what happened as expected, and how have their offerings transformed.

What she learned was that there was a need for this within their communities, and those leading the charge, had some expectations about what was needed, but that may have been somewhat different from what the community was requesting. So, she’s conducting a community survey, which you can access in the link above or at the bottom of the post, to tell her what you need.

Every community has a different story, and we’ll have our own here too; each has its unique needs, wants, and culture, and we’ll adapt to that here in St. Albans.

What’s the Difference Between Coworking, Incubator Space, and Makerspaces?

Some communities shared that a maker space, or incubator space, or coworking space was needed, but gosh, what is the difference?! We asked the same thing!

A coworking space is a space where professionals typically pay a membership to help cover overhead costs of operating the location. Often, these locations provide access to private meeting rooms, with high-quality technical equipment, like screens for video conferences, printers, and presentation systems. A coworking space is the type of site we’re considering in St. Albans.

A business incubator space is a company that helps new and startup companies office space and provides an opportunity to help businesses grow by providing various services like legal counsel, training, possibly even funding.

Makerspaces are places where more tools and rooms are provided for individuals and startups to manufacture their inventions. They might include tools like 3D printers, laser cutters, soldering irons, and more. While still be an area with individuals can gather to share ideas.

Of course, if we hear that individuals and businesses need a different type of space, we’ll see that in your survey results and assess for that too. It’s an exciting time to see this town transform and adapt to changing worker needs.

Why a Coworking Space for Downtown St. Albans?

We believe that St. Albans and surrounding communities are full of entrepreneurs and individuals who are freelancing and needing a space – away from home – to create, learn, and collaborate.

Our community is ripe with innovative individuals and why not give people a place to be together. Proactive supports provide opportunities for growth and attracting new residents, which ultimately sustain and grow the economy. Moreover, this added layer of depth to our current offerings demonstrates our commitment to the community.

Tell us how and if a coworking space might benefit you now or in the future – follow the link below.

Coworking Space Survey Image and Link