Downtown Dollars

With the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic the City of Saint Albans, Northwestern Technical Center, and Saint Albans for the Future saw a need to help our Downtown businesses. Since then, other local organizations have also purchased cards to distribute. This program was created to increase visibility and remind the public that small businesses are still serving you here in Downtown St. Albans!

Participating Businesses:

Restaurants, Cafes, & Grocers

Retailers, Services, & Lodging


Where can I use my Downtown Dollars?

Check out our participating businesses list above. You may also find that other businesses accept the cards, if you ask them.

How do I use Downtown Dollars?

Just like regular cash, downtown dollars, can be used at participating vendors in lieu of cash, to purchase items, food, etc.

Do I have to use the full $ amount on the card?

Yes, you’ll have to use the card for its full amount just once. At this point, the cards do not have the ability to carry a balance.

How do participating businesses cash Downtown Dollars?

Participating businesses can bring any downtown dollars they accept to Saint Albans City Hall by the first Monday of the month for a reimbursement check.

Who do I call or email if I have questions?

Please reach out to (802) 524-1500 ext. *259 with any questions about the Downtown Dollars program.

For Businesses

Businesses located in Downtown St. Albans not yet participating may reach out to to be added to the list of participating businesses.