Downtown Effort to Foster a Regional Arts Hub

Saint Albans Community Arts: Foster a Regional Arts Hub

Foster a Regional Arts Hub

St. Albans Community Arts (SACA) formed as an effort of the St. Albans Downtown Board in February 2016. This energetic group of community members is working toward Downtown St. Albans’ role as a regional arts hub, and started off with a bang! Since its inception, the group has hosted numerous events around Downtown St. Albans, including Art Walks, Community Dance Lessons and Dances, Mixers, Art in the Park – in various forms, and so much more. SACA meets the second Tuesday of each month and is open for community members to participate, check out the events on Facebook to get the details.

SACA connects many community groups and artists with the vision of being the “connective creative tissue” of the community for all of Franklin County. Having held events like The Festival of Trees, and Community Art Walks, and leading the efforts to beautify Downtown St. Albans, the group’s success is in large part due to community engagement.

The area is loaded with all sorts of artists from designers, painters, bakers, barista’s, media, writers, and culinary artists, plus so many more! Just a look around town and you’ll see these folks and their works in publications, on walls in many of the downtown establishments, available for consumption and on display.

Studies show that art in a community has many benefits:

  • Brings people together
  • Creates stronger community ties
  • Promotes better relationships with people of various backgrounds
  • Often offers differing perspectives on issues

All of these things encourage acceptance and cultivate positive community change. Communities around the world use art to break down barriers and stereotypes and foster community.

There is a great deal of excitement surrounding this effort, so get involved and foster a regional arts hub in Franklin County!

Learn more at St. Albans Community Arts and visit our Facebook page where we invite you to share ideas for events you’d like to see in our community.

Updated: 12/10/2017 by Rachael Sink.