There are multiple parking options in Downtown St. Albans. We have on-street parking available for visitors, as well as an off-street lot and a parking garage:

  • On the Street. Park in front of the many downtown shops along Main Street, Federal Street or one of our side streets. Time limits vary, but most are 2 hours or 2.5 hours.
  • Parking Garage. Our parking garage at offers a covered parking and electric vehicle charging stations for as little as $0.50 per half hour for your public parking needs. You can access the parking garage on Hampton Lane from Lake Street and Federal Street.
  • Parking Lot. We have a metered parking off of Lake Street, just across from the Hampton Inn.  This lot also had pedestrian access to Main street via a walkway between Mimmo’s Pizzeria and Downtown Cuts.
  • Long-Term Parking. If you live or work Downtown or otherwise need to be able to park your car for extended times on a regular basis, call the City at 802-524-1500 ext. *253 to discuss permit options for the parking garage (above) or the permitted lot off Hudson Street, behind City Hall at 100 North Main Street.

Use your mobile phone’s map app or refer to the one below.

Downtown Parking