Spotlight Business: Sacred Energy & Wellness

Spotlight Business: Sacred Energy & Wellness

Sacred Energy & Wellness is fairly new to Downtown St. Albans having joined in September 2018! This location is more than a retail store; it’s a spot for energy work and education. We’re thrilled to highlight them in our Spotlight Business Blog!

Owner Christy Hollstein became involved with crystals and energy work after being introduced to the advantages in New York at Reiki Rocks. Over the next five years, she practiced with crystal healing, aromatherapy, studied Reiki, and earned her master level.

After realizing the benefits for herself, she became drawn to providing these techniques to others, and that is when the idea for the store came to fruition.

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Merchandise Available at an Affordable Price

She stocks the store with crystal merchandise for every desire and keeps her prices reasonable because she believes that crystal healing should be accessible to everyone.

“Crystals must go to the people who need them.”

Christy Hollstein

Natural elements of the earth, crystals attract or absorb the various properties on a person or in the environment. Many individuals use them to balance their energy as a holistic approach to self-care. While this is not a medical recommendation and is not to used in place of traditional Eastern Medicine, some have found the experience to be soothing and helpful to focus on the positive potential. 

Don’t worry, if you’re not sure how to get started using these elements, Christy will assist you to identify the items best suited for you and she’ll explain how to care for them and apply them in meditation.

Himalayan Salt Lamps in Many Sizes

You’ll find a wide-selection of Himalayan Salt Lamps in various sizes, but ask how to choose the right one. Consider these factors before you purchase:

  • What size is best for the area you plan to install the lamp?
  • How often should the light be on?
  • Whereabouts should you set it?

Ask her these questions when you go to purchase yours!

“I love having a place where people can soak up the vibes, receive energy work, become a Reiki practitioner, and discover the positive effects of crystal therapy, Reiki, and aromatherapy.”

Christy Hollstein

Products for Cleansing Negative Energy

Also available in the shop are Palo Santo sticks and sage bundles, which many folks burn to cleanse a space, like your home, apartment, or meditation area. Cleansing an area is useful in dissipating negative energy from prior inhabitants or after an argument and restores it with positive energy.

Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

If you’re interested in introducing essential oils into your practice, you can do that too! Sacred Energy & Wellness exclusively offers Young Living Essential Oils because of their purity and commitment to quality. They offer limited quantities in-store, but Christy can still help you in getting a wholesale discount for Young Living’s over 600 + product options. Ask about this opportunity.

Services offered by Sacred Energy

Let’s talk about the wellness side of Sacred Energy & Wellness. The shop offers a variety of therapies and holistic approaches to health and wellness.

When you enter the store, you smell the aromatherapy and you will feel the synergistic energy of the stones and cleansing items. There are several lit salt lamps, to exchange the positive and negative ions in the store; you’ll smell the lavender wafting in the air, and immediately feel calm and relaxed.

It’s set up like this because in the back corner of the store is a small room, similar to what you’d find if you were going to a spa for massage therapy, is where the energy work takes place. 

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Reiki Energy Healing & Classes

Reiki is a Japanese practice brought to the US around the World War II era. The practice aligns the chakras of the body, pushing out all negative energy and restoring the body with positive energy. Today, more people are turning to alternative healing techniques as a practice for self-care.

Anyone can receive Reiki, and if you’re interested, you could become a Reiki practitioner by attending a Reiki class to earn your first degree. To become a Reiki Master, giving you the ability to teach, one must achieve Reiki levels one through four. The next time you visit Sacred Energy & Wellness, ask about upcoming classes or visit their Facebook page.

What to expect when you receive a Reiki treatment, “it’s hard to say because each person experiences Reiki differently”. What’s most important is that when a person comes, you lay on the Reiki table (much like a massage table) and relax because the process works whether you notice anything.

Reiki does not involve placing one’s hands onto another’s body; it involves placing one’s hand over one’s body for the energy transfer to occur. During the session, you are guided to rest and relax, while the Reiki energy does its work; sessions typically last from 30 minutes to one hour.

Crystal Therapy

Often combined with Reiki, crystal therapy is the practice of placing various crystals on the body, often on chakras, to balance the flow of energy. If you’re interested in pursuing an education in crystal therapy, then you’ll want to attend a training session. 

Sacred Energy & Wellness offers regular classes at different levels of crystal knowledge. The classes include everything from starting with the essentials to knowledgeable practice that incorporates various crystals for specific ailments.

AromaDome Treatment

An AromaDome treatment is an aromatherapy approach, where you lie on the Reiki table with a special dome placed over your head and pure essential oils are diffused into the dome. Some use this application as an alternative treatment to the common cold.

Regardless of why you walk into Sacred Energy & Wellness, you’ll surely leave feeling calmer and more positive when you leave. Now, is your time to visit.

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